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Knights - Power Triumphs

Character Basics

Knights come from a competitive and military society where people pride themselves on physical strength. They tend to stay loyal to their comrades to the end. They always take care of their weapons and can control their bodies well. Knights feel attracted to those who are fit, tough, and athletic, whether male or female.

Knights are best matched with other warriors. They are known for close range combat but are able to wield a variety of weapons, owing to their constant effort to master the art of fighting. They wear highly decorative armor and are often seen riding exotic animals. Provoking a well-trained Knight cavalryman into a duel is a death sentence. If you wish to get on their good side, praise their strength. Respect for their military excellence is the greatest compliment to these people.


Sword, Spear, Axe, Bow, and Twin Blade


Small and Organic (Same when mounting a ride)

Base Stats

Base Status
Strength Agility HP Magic Wisdon
6 1 6 1 1

Stat Specifics

Stat Specifics
HP increase per stat 30
SP increase per stat 300
HP stat required for 1 Defence 2
MP increase per Wisdom 6
Damage increase per Strength 6 (except bows)
Damage increase per Magic -
Damage increase per Agility (Ranged) 1.0 (bows)
Accuracy increase per Agility 0.5%
Evasion increase per Agility  0.025%
Critical increase per Agility  0.025%

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